Services Provided- Energy Management

* Energy efficiency in electric motors
* Energy  efficiency in lighting systems
* Energy efficiency in pumps and pumping system
* Energy efficiency in fans and blowers
* Energy efficiency in compressors and compressed air systems
* Energy efficiency in boilers and steam systems
* Energy efficiency in open burner &furnaces
* Performance evaluation of heat exchangers
* Energy audit & conservation training
* Energy management system iso 50001
* Renewable energy applications – solar photovoltaic (on-grid & off-grid) power generation
* Handling and application of energy audit instruments
* energy management and audits in all types of industries, commercial buildings, power-generating plants, transmission and distribution system
* Harmonics audits
* Co-generation
* Demand side management potential with focus on the industrial sector
* To strengthen policy aspects and increase public awareness of energy conservation issues through modular training programmes for senior, middle and shop floor level executive
* Renewable and green energy solutions
* Integration of cleaner production – energy efficiency for clean technology and environmental protection
* Process optimisation and energy conservation