Electrical Utility Efficiency
Compressed Air System Training
The compressor training facility has two screw compressors of Hitachi make. One compressor is on load-unload control and the other with aVFD control. Each compressor is driven by a 7.5 kW motor. The compressed air system comprises of air receiver, a refrigerated air dryer, air filter and distribution system of various pipe sizes and headers. The flow measurements are carried out with advanced vortex, magnetic and thermal flow meters.The data is captured through a data logger and then displayed visually in a computer for analysis and understanding. The following experiments are carried out in the compressor training facility:

    • Load/unload control vs. speed control using VFD
• Effect of pressure reduction on power consumption
•Variations in pressure drop and power consumption
  with different pipe diameters

• Effect of leakage on power consumption
• Demonstration of air amplifier (transvector nozzle)
  for cleaning applications