Upcoming Training Programmes
CETEE offers practical training courses to cover the major energy consuming and industrial utility equipment commonly used in the industries. The course duration can range from 3 days (for a single facility say compressor) to 3 weeks and can be customized to meet the requirement of the client. Corporate Companies and Organisation who wish to train their Energy personals and fresh graduate trainee engineers may book in advance for long duration insensitive practical course on Energy conservation.
S.No. Programme (non-residential) Duration Fee *
1. Training Course for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors 5 Days 25,000/-
2. Energy Conservation in Pumps and Pumping System 3 Days 15,000/-
3. Energy Conservation in Fans and Blowers 3 Days 15,000/-
4. Energy Conservation in Compressors and Compressed Air Systems 3 Days 15,000/-
5. Energy Conservation in Boilers and Steam Systems 5 Days 25,000/-
6. Energy Conservation in Furnaces 5 Days 25,000/-
7. Energy Conservation in Process Utilities 5 Days 25,000/-