Training    Methodology
The Programme delivery is based on active learning methods that require drawing on the experience, skills, knowledge, and attitudes of executive trainees. A continual effort will be made to be responsive to the training needs of participants.practical laboratory exercises accompany the presentation of subject matters in order to facilitate assimilation and exchange of experiences/information between participants and faculty. This approach gives a high degree of responsiveness to the programme and encourages participants to apply the results of the course work in their respective fields. The methods, tools and techniques used in our training courses are designed so that participants will be motivated to develop their own knowledge and skills. The methodology of training is as follows:
*  Lecture presentations and animations in a classroom
* Practical lab exercises on the same subject in respective plant utility equipment’s
* 40% classroom and 60% hands-on training in energy efficiency laboratory
* Analysis of data and results
* Presentation of findings * Discussions on findings and conclusions
* Group exercises and case studies
* Videos and CBTs on energy efficiency
* Quiz test