Electrical Utility Efficiency
    Fan  System Training
The fan training facility consists of a centrifugal fan connected to a 7.5 kW motor. The motor is connected to a VFD to enable operation of fan at various speeds. The flow measurement is carried out by a vortex flow meter. The system consists of flow through ducts of different diameters and various types of valves such as butterfly,globe and gate valves to enable diverse trials tobe carried out.The following experiments arecarried out in the training facility:

• Determination of fan characteristic curve
• Effect of suction damper control on power consumption
• Effect of discharge damper control on power consumption
• Impact of power consumption with speed control using VFD vs. damper control
• Variations in pressure drop and power consumption with
different pipe diameters
• Determination of pressure drops and power consumption with
different valves
• Measurement of flow with vane anemometer
• Variation in power with conventional V-belt vs. cogged V-belt